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Press Release

PAT asks the UN to take notice of the Indian threats to Pakistan

Saturday, Sep 22, 2018

In a response to the statement of the Indian Army Chief, PAT Secretary General Khurram Nawaz Gandapur has said that the threats hurled by the Indian COAS deserve to be condemned strongly. He said that 210 million Pakistanis are standing by their armed forces and each citizen is ready to render any sacrifice to protect the honour and dignity of his/her armed forces and defence of the motherland. He asked the UN to take notice of the threats hurled at a sovereign nation. He said that the kind of statement made by the Indian COAS did not suit his position. He said that the Indian Army Chief should know that there is an unbreakable bond of love between the people and the armed forces of Pakistan and together they will teach a lesson to those who intend to commit an act of aggression.

The PAT Secretary General said that the Indian Army Chief will have to understand that military tensions and wars are not a solution to the disputes, stating that dialogue is the only way forward for the nations to get rid of their perennial problems. He said that if anyone dared commit a folly, he should rest assured that the Pakistani military will not allow them to compromise our national honour and prestige.

Meanwhile, PAT Lahore delegation called on Secretary General Khurram Nawaz Gandapur at the central secretariat. The delegation included Mian Hanif Qadri, Ch Afzal Gujjar, Ishtiaq Hanif Mughal, Asghar Sajid, Shafaqat Mughal, Rehan Ch, Sanaullah Khan, Ramzan Ayubi and the family members of the martyrs of Model Town tragedy.

Talking to the delegation, Khurram Nawaz Gandapur said that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri is the hope of the nation. He said that the PAT has neither budged an inch from its standpoint so far as it relates to the peaceful change in the system nor any power can make it do so. He said that we will continue to wage our struggle determinedly. He said that four years have gone by but the families of the martyrs of Model Town tragedy continue to seek justice. He asked if there are democratic institutions in the country, then why justice is not being served. He said that we believe in peaceful struggle and will keep on fighting for justice till the last breath of our lives. He said that the perpetrators of the tragedy should listen that neither power nor money can intimidate us and the day is not far when those who planned, and executed the carnage will be behind bars.

The PAT Secretary General asked as to why those taking suo motu notice of a slap and the death of a pet in a zoo are unable to hear the sounds of slaps suffered by the oppressed in the court of law at the hands of the oppressors and exploiters, and that why they are unable to see the oppression committed on the hapless citizens. He appealed to the honorable Chief Justice to come good on his promise of delivering justice to the affectees of the Model Town tragedy. He said that Bisma Amjad, the daughter of Shaheed Tanzila Amjad, await the justice that the honourable CJP promised her. He said that it is unfortunate that the family members of the martyrs are being deprived of justice.

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