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The provision of basic facilities to the public depends on the strong economy of a country. The government of Pakistan Awami Tehreek will work out effective policies for the enhancement of national resources and riddance of debt-ridden economy. Conducive environment will be created for national and international investment so that the ratio of economic growth picks up momentum.

The main characteristics of our government’s economic policy are given here under:

  1. Discontinuity of the policies will be stopped in order to revive the faith of the public in the system and institutions. Long-term transparent policies will be formulated.
  2. The tax ratio will be minimized and the tax base will be widened.
  3. The documentation of economy will be ensured.
  4. Electronic commerce will be developed.
  5. Transparency in decision-making will be ensured.
  6. Privatization will be encouraged thorough healthy competitiveness and economic liberalization.
  7. Quick accountability will be conducted for eradication of corruption.
  8. The national economy will be propped up to sustain itself by liberating it from the burden of loans. Our government will embark upon such steps as increase in exports, decrease in imports and reduction in fiscal deficit to enhance national resources, which will ultimately make it a self-sustaining economy.
  9. The transformation of big industrial groups of the country in to Multi-national companies will be encouraged.
  10. The forests will be grown in the barren areas.
  11. The cultivable areas in Baluchastan and Cholastan will be cultivated.
  12. Human resource development will be preferred in every field.
  13. The enhancement in national resources and its system of proper consumption will be crafted.
  14. The national and international economic activities will be encouraged and conduscive environment will be created for local and foreign investors.

Foreign currency accounts will not be freezed in any way so that the confidence of the investors in the state polices remains intact and the national economy does not suffer from lack of confidence and uncertainty.

Awareness will be spread throughout the world about the attractive fiscal incentives, liberal economy and human resources of Pakistan for promotion of investment.


Pakistan Awami Tehreek will make agriculture the foundation of its economic revolution and the maximum attention will be paid to agricultural economy. Following steps will be taken to develop agriculture.

  • On account of dependence of Pakistan’s economy on agriculture, it will be declared as the biggest industry of the country.
  • Agriculture sector will be developed on the pattern of the modern industry of the developed countries to equip it with modern technology.
  • The distribution of agricultural land among the peasants and landless farmers up to a sustainable level will be ensured so that the big landlords and feudals do not exploit them.
  • The major land lease contracts with the landlords will be cancelled.
  • New small dams and water reservoirs will be established.
  • New water channels will be established in Balchastan and Chaulustan.
  • Community drive will be launched to pave canals.
  • The provision of water will be ensured to arid areas through tube wells, seasonal canals, small dams, agricultural lands and other possible means.
  • Our government will work for awarding of ownership rights of land to the poor farmers and Haris by determining the collective areas of lands with respect to the number of the families of farmers and Haris.
  • Those involved in the gory business of adulteration of seeds, pesticides etc will be awarded strict punishments.
  • Redistribution of land will take place anew among the landless farmers and peasants and every family will have the possession of at least 12.5 acres of land. However where there is difficulty in doing so, there the landless families would be given economic support for the construction of houses and residential plots in the villages so that they own some assets.
  • No local or foreign investor will be allowed to buy the production of Pakistani farmer on nominal prices and thus exploit them.
  • The Livestock Industry will be organized for development and in this way hundreds of billions of foreign exchange spent on the import of edible oil, tea, wheat and milk can be saved.

The government of Pakistan Awami Tehreek will encourage agricultural industry of small size in the rural areas. For this purpose, the loans ranging from Rs. 10 thousand to 10 lakhs will be made available to the farmers on easy conditions so that agro-based industry would be set up in the rural areas.


No country can achieve economic stability without making industrial progress. Therefore sound industrial progress requires a consistent industrial policy as a pre-requisite. The industrial policy of Pakistan Awami Tehreek will be as follows:

  • Our government will chalk out long-term policies for the development of industries and will guarantee their continuance through constitutional and legal safeguards.
  • Some countries have paid attention to macro-economy and while others are focusing their attention on micro-economy. We shall embark on a joint venture of micro and macro planning to gather its fruits on the pattern of Japan.
  • Our government will establish International Standardization Commission to ensure the standard and quality as required by the international markets.
  • Equal and uniform importance will be given to the villages and cities in connection with the establishment of new industrial zones so that there is a uniform speed of progress in rural and urban areas. This step will discourage urbanization from the villages.
  • After a thorough analysis of the sick and closed industrial units a process of their recommencement will be launched.
  • The national polices will be industry friendly and the rights of industrialists will be protected. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry will be engaged in the formulation of economic and industrial policies.


The trade policies of our government will be business friendly. Equal importance will be given to all sectors of trade so that all sectors play their equal role in the national progress and development.

The following steps promising immediate results will be taken to increase the exports of Pakistan:

  • The embassies situated in the developing countries will be given target of exports of national products.
  • Trade missions will be sent to explore the new avenues in the international market.
  • The quality control will be ensured so that the confidence of the foreign importers remains intact.
  • The ratio of exports will be increased by establishing economic relations with the friendly countries.
  • Business parks will be established in industrial zones to boost international trade. The most modern information and communication network will be set up in every business park. These parks will be linked to airports and other areas.
  • The import of goods being manufactured locally will be discouraged and by encouraging the local farmers national production will be increased.

Fair and transparent Taxation System

  1. Transaction based Tax system will be established by changing the prevalent outdated income tax system.
  2. This TBT-based system will come into force through phased implementation in three years.
  3. More revenues will be collected under TBT as against the existing system.
  4. This system will not need any assessment for income tax and wealth tax nor will there be any need of tax inspectors.
  5. The dismantling of system of tax inspectors:

  1. will root out corruption and bribery culture.
  2. will not need any tax offices.
  3. will save the expenditures incurred on the maintenance of buildings and salaries of income tax officers.
  4. will enable us to use these buildings for educational and welfare purposes.
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